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Let our team of experienced designers and developers create your very own stunning, modern and professional website.

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Our Services


From a simple one-page website, to the most advanced feature-rich site you can imagine, we handle them at the most competitive prices in the market. There’s nothing you can think of that we can’t manifest onto the internet for you. Though our pricing is unmatched, our quality standards are sky-high and your satisfaction is ensured. We’ll produce results for your company online.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is essential when establishing your brand. Professional graphic design grabs attention, builds your image, and increases sales. This needs to be a strategic investment, especially as the world is being driven by more visual content and standing out in the crowd is getting harder.


Our team of SEO masters generates results every time! With on-site fundamentals, proven off-site strategies and a commitment to the newest standards set forth by Google, you’ll be amazed at what we can do! These highly profitable strategies offer a great way to bring in new, organic leads to your business. If you’re online to make money, our goal is ALWAYS to increase your profits!

SMS Marketing

According to Adobe, mobile text messages have 98% open rate with 90 percent of people reading the message within 3 minutes! They wrote that 32 percent of recipients respond to texted offers, with texted coupons redeemed 10 times more often than traditional coupons. Adobe also posted that 29 percent of text marketing recipients click on links in text messages they receive, and 47 percent of those go on to make a purchase.

Mobile Apps

Whether it’s a business, marketing or gaming app, we’ve got you covered. Our team is able to make anything work on any device. Our developers will give you beautiful and effective design and functionality whether it’s a simple project or an extremely complex app. It doesn’t end there. Once launched, we can show you exactly how we’ve generated MILLIONS of downloads for individual apps.


Our marketing is based on a solid foundation of proven principles with a dedication to keeping up with the latest technologies. That’s what keeps our results powerful and consistent! From campaign concept and creation all the way through to execution via the selected channels, you can decide how aggressive you’d like it to be.


Social media is quickly becoming one of the most important parts of marketing. Hubspot says that 92% of all marketers indicated that their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their businesses, and 80% of marketers said that their social media efforts increased traffic. With these types of statistics, social media marketing can no longer be ignored.


Every business needs a constant flow of new clients. Leads are what’s needed to generate sales. If you don’t have anyone to sell to, your product or service won’t profit you - it’s that simple. Our Leads department generates the highest quality leads with the most direct, accurate and complete contact information, fresh, daily.

The Avodah Web Solutions teams handle a plethora of tasks simultaneously while maintaining the highest levels of quality. It's what we do!

Johany handled my web design work in a professional and customer-friendly way. Phone calls and emails were immediately returned and he always was most pleasant in all interactions. I am pleased with the quality of his work and I am sure his web design will help bring additional clients to my consulting firm.
Dr. Robert G. Garraty
Johany Roman is a professional who takes great pride in what he does. I am absolutely thrilled with the website that he created for my beauty salon. I always ask new clients how they heard about my shop, and it is so exciting to know that many times they have come as a direct result of my new website! Thanks Johany!
Kadian Pershard
SCS, Inc. appreciates the expertise utilized by Johany Roman and Avodah Web Solutions in developing, designing and launching our website. He utilized a simple format which allows us to keep it current and still access his expertise for the more advanced functions. The price is right and the service is first class. We would certainly recommend them to anyone serious about getting a dynamic and focused website and web service.
Vladimir Beaufils
Words alone cannot express my gratitude for the services that I have received through Avodah Web Solutions. My previous website was screaming for some help, I wasn't getting any visitors to my site and I was not happy. Mr. Roman took one look at my website and knew that he could help. Two days later he showed me the revised website and I was in awe. I got emails and phone calls from my friends and business professionals who said they love the change. I have received more views in one week than what I was getting in a month. Thank you Mr. Roman for helping my organization shine, I am forever grateful.
Marsha Banks
Johany is very professional and truly pleasure to do business with!
Brett Laberge
This young man is amazing! I am so grateful that God has place him in our lives. He has catapulted us into modern times by designing our website for us. I highly recommend Avodah Web Solutions to any and everyone who has a website need. Yours sincerely and truly,
John W. Jackson
I have been left very impressed and satisfied by the work done by A.W.S. They are prompt, communicate throughout the process and deliver great quality. Plus you can't beat their pricing!
Henry Vargas
Not only is Mr. Roman's sense of design crisp and clean, but he also has the knack of laying things out in such a way that feels as if he were finishing your thoughts - and improving on them - before you could think the next thing up. Intuitive. Visionary. Johany Roman.
William Cooley, Jr.
My first contact with Johany Roman was through his work. He was asked to put something together for our small nonprofit. My immediate reaction was WOW!!! His ability to create a website in a short period of time with limited information was indeed something to behold. After meeting with him it became exceedingly obvious that this is a very special person. Not only was he able to explain the website process, but his knowledge and wisdom transcends the technical aspects of managing a website. We are extremely grateful for this young man, and hope to continue our relationship for a long time to come.
Terrence Jackson
Johany Roman is a gifted young man that understands the importance of Proper Preparation. He appreciates the need to provide excellent customer service and has great attention to detail. Johany loves to maintain his edge by staying on top of the latest nuances in the market place. When you interact with him you know he's giving you his best. I strongly recommend him!
I have worked with Johany Roman at Sound Community Solutions, Inc. One of his responsibilities was to assess and assist clients reentering society and provide information that would help them with food, clothing, housing and employment. Johany is organized, efficient and extremely competent and has an excellent rapport with the clients he serves. His communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent. He truly demonstrates his capabilities as a web designer (he created the Sound Community Solutions site among many others) and I highly recommend him.
Wanda Brummel
After working with Johany for several years, I can say he is creative, conscientious and careful. I found him responsive to customer needs, thorough in his work and attentive to details. Moreover, I found him to be proactive, always ready to step in to guide an initiative to its conclusion. In short, he is responsible in every regard.
Russell Goodman
Johany Roman of Avodah Web Solutions is a true professional, and the quality of his work is second to none. Not only does he deliver, but he goes above and beyond expectation. I would recommend him to everyone.
Jeremy Bell
Recently Johany Roman unveiled the website he designed for our non-profit organization. Since our organization came from humble beginnings we are pleased to gain the knowledge and expertise of someone such as Mr. Roman. The website was much more than we expected. We sat and watched as he unveiled page by page, exciting us more with each click. He did a fantastic job! He relied on us for the content, making sure that the website reflected our organization and mission. That was a key point of his which made us feel real good as he made us part of the process.
La'Tanya George

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